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We employ a dedicated team of professionals who work full-time for NDIC. This means we not only have the availability for your project, but we will also be responsive to your ongoing needs. Here are the members of our team and their respective responsibilities.

Masen Yaffee: Owner
Masen founded NDIC in 1994 to assist companies in building their businesses through the Internet. He has taught classes for UCSB Extension, Apple Computer, Adobe Systems, and Women’s Economic Ventures. He provides instruction and consultation for individuals and businesses in all aspects of web site creation and development including strategy, planning, implementation, marketing, and business development. Responsibilities include account management, strategic consulting, marketing, and project management.

Nick Ise: Operations Manager
Nick has been with the company since 2002. In that time, he has become an expert in all aspects of managing operations, including project management, customer support, and technical development.

Travis Olson, Programmer – Database design, implementation, programming

Allen Wong, Programmer – Database design, implementation, programming

Chris Atto, Account Manager – Sales, project management

Barbara Yaffee, Creative Director – Design management, client relations

Abir Ahmed, System Administrator – Linux operating systems, network engineering, customer support

Jim Vanek, System Engineer – Windows operating systems, hardware support, data center support

BJ Muduli, Graphic Designer – Design, Illustration, Identity, Flash animation, CSS/HTML production

Damaris Bautista, Bookkeeper – Business administration, accounts payable, accounts receivable

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