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Reason Number 1: We Listen

Your product or service is key, so we listen closely to what you have to say. We ask questions. We clarify. We let you know what we think we’ve heard. And often we hear what you are saying behind what you say. All of these are part of actively listening to ensure that we are on the same page so that we don’t waste time while giving you exactly what you want.

Reason Number 2: We Do What We Promise

And more. We review every project with you before we start, setting realistic expectations. If we can’t do something within a given time, we will tell you.

Reason Number 3: We Are Experienced

We are the first company in the area to build websites professionally, having built our first site for a client in 1994. Our designers and programmers have formal education and training in their respective fields and years of practical experience.

Reason Number 4: We’re Responsive

We have a team of professionals – someone is always available to handle a request or answer a question. We respond quickest via email, but feel free to use the old fashioned method and call us.

Reason Number 5: Your Success is Our Success

We are committed to helping you build your business. We know that the best way to grow our business is to do everything we can to help you grow yours. In addition to our core competency in helping you market and sell through the Internet, we will offer advice, feedback, and share success stories in all areas of business from marketing and sales to administration to technology. We love business and we’d love to contribute to yours.

Reason Number 6: We Make Sense

We won’t bury you in technical jargon (unless you like that sort of thing). We say things plainly and in easy-to-understand terms. We’re happy to explain things you don’t understand. And when we give advice or make recommendations, in many cases they will seem obvious, because they make sense!

Reason Number 7: We Are Trustworthy

We will tell you when we don‘t have expertise in a particular area or when we don’t recommend a particular course of action, so that when we tell you that we do, you’ll know it’s true. If we don’t think your site needs to be redesigned, we’ll tell you so. Perhaps your money is better spent driving traffic. We keep your best interests in mind, not just our own. For example, we build everything in a way that doesn’t lock you into using our services. If you decide to go elsewhere, you can. Not that we want you to. But we want you to work with us because we offer you great service, not because you feel trapped or it’s too painful to go away.

We're ready. Are you? Let's talk.

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