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How We Make a Difference


NDIC was founded by Masen Yafee in 1994 to serve the emerging needs of businesses looking to leverage the benefits of this new technology platform called the Internet. Thus was born New Directions In Computing.

A lot has transpired since those early days in Santa Barbara, but meeting companies’ need with intelligent, pragmatic use of internet technology remains at the core of what we do today. Only now, we are more experienced, more efficient, and more effective at what we do.

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To build more trust in the world through honesty, transparency, and follow through.

This is more than an idea, it is the guiding principle at NDIC. We share this mantra at each weekly team meeting and it is the backbone of our decision making. If a trusted partner is something you’re looking for, read on, and discover how our values and dedication can drive your success.


Our Purpose

We help companies grow and achieve efficiencies through the better use of internet technologies.

Yes, we’re a tech company. But meeting our clients needs through insightful application of technology is the cornerstone of what we do. We want you to succeed and we work hard to ensure your digital strategy helps you do so.


Like any good company, it’s the quality of the team that drives our success. We look for proven skill sets for each position that we employ, and have learned through experience what to look for. Our people are purpose-driven, hand-selected and fully committed to the NDIC philosophy of building trust, both internally and beyond, so that we can deliver the very best solutions to our clients, and support their needs over the long term.

If you want to know more, reach out. We can go on and on explaining why you might want to work with us, but in the end, it’s about the relationship, so let’s talk about starting one.

7 Reasons to Work with Us

  • We Listen
  • We Do What We Promise
  • We Are Experienced
  • We’re Responsive
  • Your Success is Our Success
  • We Speak Clearly – No Jargon
  • We are Trustworthy

Trusted by Our Clients

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