Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting

One source for all your website needs

We know WordPress as well as anyone, which is why we created a managed WordPress hosting environment – so that we can be a single source for all your WordPress needs.

Redefining the standards of WordPress secure hosting

At NDIC, we revolutionize the standard of managed WordPress hosting by prioritizing security, hands-on updates, and proactive site maintenance. Unlike other providers, we go beyond merely monitoring every URL; we actively engage with every aspect of your site’s security, ensuring comprehensive protection against potential threats.

When it comes to updates, we don’t just push buttons; we take a hands-on approach, meticulously testing WordPress and plugin updates on site backups to preemptively address any issues before they affect your live site. Our dedicated team is equipped to swiftly repair any problems that may arise, ensuring minimal disruption to your online presence.

You can rest assured knowing that you have a competent team taking care of all the details. With NDIC, you receive unparalleled security measures, proactive maintenance, and prompt support, allowing you to focus on your business while we handle the intricacies of your WordPress hosting needs.

Fast, Reliable Hosting

Say goodbye to slow-loading websites and frequent crashes. Our servers run LightSpeed and are undersubscribed… they’re fast and stay fast even during peak traffic!

Robust Security

We employ advanced security solutions at every step – on the site, the server, and the cloud. Experience peace of mind knowing your website’s security is our top priority.

Simplified Support

No more navigating through multiple parties and long phone queues – with developers and system administrators on the same team, we get to the resolution before most others can find the source!

Scalable Hosting

Scalable WordPress Hosting solutions are ideal for businesses with a dynamic and growing online presence. View our Scalable Hosting options.

per month
25K Visits Per Month.
10 GB Storage
5 Email Boxes
Managed Updates
Core WP, plugins
24/7 Email Support
per month
100K Visits Per Month.
20 GB Storage
10 Email Boxes
Managed Updates
Core WP, plugins
Semi-annual Commercial Theme Updates
24/7 Phone Support
.5 hr Content Updates
Larger Sites
More cost effective than the big public clouds, our highly scalable, private cloud VPS solution can grow as your needs grow too.
Contact Us to learn more on how we can help with your specific hosting needs.

Scalable WordPress Hosting

Scalable WordPress Hosting solutions are ideal for businesses with a dynamic and growing online presence. They provide the flexibility to adjust server resources based on the website’s current needs, ensuring optimal performance and user experience.

Our hosting platforms are designed to ensure zero downtime and handle a large number of monthly visitors. Choose from three options based on your specific needs.

Dedicated Virtual Server in a Private Cloud:

Experience the security of a dedicated server environment with the flexibility of a VMWare-based private cloud. Choose virtual machines with varying CPU, RAM, and disk space, upgradeable at a moment’s notice. Our private cloud ensures built-in redundancy, with live migration of VMs and the option for a backup VM in our Canadian data center, providing a cost-effective high-availability

Comprehensive Services Included

With every account, you get more than just hosting:

  • High availability, redundant DNS service for constant accessibility.
  • Backup server at our secondary data center for data security.
  • DDOS protection to guard against bot traffic flooding.
  • CDN for faster site speed worldwide.
  • Web firewall to protect against hacking attempts.
  • Multiple layers of firewall protection for enhanced security.
  • SSL included by default, ready to be activated anytime.
  • Daily onsite and offsite backups for data reliability.
  • 24/7 monitoring with automatic response to any outages.

With NDIC, you get more than just a place to host your website – you get peace of mind and a robust, scalable foundation for your online presence.

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