NDIC Welcomes Digital West’s Web Hosting & Email Service Customers

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA, August 31, 2021 New Directions in Computing (NDIC) and Digital West, two San Luis Obispo-based companies with similar customer-first philosophies, are collaborating to transition customers using Digital West’s web and email services over to NDIC.

NDIC is pleased to assume responsibility for the hosting and support of local telecom company Digital West’s web and email hosting customers, including the complimentary hosting that Digital West has historically contributed to many local non-profit and community groups.

Digital West will remain focused on supporting local customers via their “cheetah-fast” fiber optic internet network, and their full line of business telephone services.

Former Digital West web and email service customers can expect their services to continue without interruption during the transition period and can read frequently asked questions about this change here.

NDIC has been serving customers on the Central Coast since 1994, providing a breadth of services for local businesses, including web and email hosting services and support, as well as website design, development, maintenance and systems administration.

Adding Digital West’s customers is part of an ongoing growth plan for NDIC, which took over web hosting services for Santa Barbara-based Impulse Advanced Communications last fall. NDIC is committed to providing all its customers with secure online services with friendly, proactive, and collaborative technical support.

“We are passionate about living and working in SLO County, about the fantastic businesses and nonprofits that call SLO home, and about serving those customers in a way that delights them and helps them be more productive!” NDIC President and CEO Masen Yaffee said.

For more information about NDIC, its mission and services, visit www.ndic.com.

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Based in San Luis Obispo, New Directions in Computing (NDIC) is a custom web design and hosting company specializing in WordPress development, eCommerce, and mobile optimization. For over 25 years, NDIC has provided innovative, high-quality products and services that improve the way Central Coast companies do business on the Internet. For more information, please visit www.ndic.com.

Founded in 1999, Digital West is the premier voice and data provider for businesses on the Central Coast. They deliver Internet, voice, cloud, and communications technologies that keep customers competitive. For more information, please visit www.digitalwest.com.

NDIC in Expansion Mode

Santa Barbara, CA, February 16, 2021 – New Directions in Computing (NDIC) is pleased to announce that Robert Fry has joined the team as Client Development Manager. In this role, Mr. Fry will lead the company’s outreach efforts and focus specifically on enhancing relationships with new and existing customers.

NDIC, a leading Central Coast digital services company, recently completed the acquisition of hosting services from the regional Internet Service Provider (ISP), Impulse Communications. This acquisition has accelerated the need to grow the team, particularly in the area of customer relationships.


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NDIC Acquires Impulse Advanced Communications Web Hosting Business

Santa Barbara, CA, November 16, 2020 – New Directions in Computing (NDIC) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Impulse Advanced Communications’ web hosting business, beginning mid-November.

For 25 years, Impulse has offered the central coast a suite of local services including internet access, web/email hosting, and telecom services. The business has decided to discontinue web hosting services in order to focus on its core offerings – fiber internet access, cloud-based phones and meeting services, and network and server management.

After searching for a local company that could provide the right balance of support, platform, and value, Impulse looked to NDIC, with whom they’ve enjoyed a long and harmonious relationship as both colleagues in the Central Coast tech industry, as well as mutual customers.

“Web hosting is one of our core service offerings, along with web design/development, systems administration, and marketing, so the transition of Impulse’s web hosting business to NDIC was a natural choice,” said Masen Yaffee, President/CEO of NDIC. “We are pleased and excited to serve these new clients.”

Benefits of NDIC hosting services that customers can expect to enjoy are responsive, local service, single point of contact issue resolution, redundant server configurations for 99.999% uptime, and ongoing security and site maintenance.

To learn more about NDIC’s acquisition of Impulse hosting services email [email protected].


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However, you can rarely get away with only the basics, so by the time you add up everything you need, you will quickly find that GoDaddy’s hosting is not as cost-effective as many believe. 

For example, say that you wanted to host a basic WordPress website and you needed 3 email addresses for your business. GoDaddy’s base pricing for this is $6.99 per month and you get free “business email” with that. The total first year cost: $83.88. 


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NDIC Welcomes Digital West’s Web Hosting & Email Service Customers

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