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We have created original artwork, illustration and type for the following company logos. Email or call us now at 805-962-8565 x2 to discuss your brand identity needs. You can also read more about our design process.
  • studio plaza apartments logo
    Client: Studio Plaza
  • Thera Cream logo
    Client: Thera Cream
  • LTR Network logo
    Client: LTER Network
  • La Kretz research center
    Client: La Krez Research Center
  • CAPPS Construction
    Client: Capps Construction
  • Revenue solutions logo
    Client: RE Revenue Solutions
  • rodgers partners group
    Client: Rodgers Partners Group
  • sb av logo
    Client: Santa Barbara Audio Video
  • ashtanga yoga logo
    Client: Ashtanga Yoga Santa Barbara
  • be aware clothing
    Client: Be Aware Clothing
  • buy mo logo
    Client: Buy Mo
  • crazy art logo
    Client: Crazy Art
  • crazy art logo
    Client: Contacts N Coffee
  • the container traders logo
    Client: The Container Traders
  • elseware logo
    Client: Elseware
  • living life enterprises
    Client: Living Life Enterprises
  • i tour san francisco
    Client: iTours San Francisco
  • rm rite map
    Client: Rite Map
  • ACS logo
    Client: Santa Barbara Astrology
  • portfolio logo
    Client: The Handley Group
  • talk to the entities logo
    Client: Talk to the Entities
  • cancun logos
    Client: Waterski Cancun
  • preferred limousine logo
    Client: Preferred Limousine
  • thunder ridge apartments
    Client: Thunder Ridge Apartments
  • sacred renewal
    Client: Sacred Renewal
  • urban knitta
    Client: Urban Knitta
  • upec logo
    Client: Universal Parking Enforcement Consortium
  • valley industrial supply logo
    Client: Valley Industrial Supply
  • valley propeller service
    Client: Valley Propeller Service

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