Our Process

Our approach to web site development consists of six phases. The following is a general description of these phases. Your projects may go through some or all of these phases depending on the specifics of the project engagement. The phases are:

  1. Planning
  2. Organizing
  3. Creating
  4. Producing
  5. Testing
  6. Deploying

Phase I: Planning

First, we work with you to clarify the purpose and goals of the site(s). Although you may already have a clear idea of the site’s objectives, we often shed light on issues that may not have been considered. Some of the questions we ask in this phase are:


  • What are the site’s key messages?
  • Who is your target audience and what are their primary concerns?
  • What actions do you want users to take while/after visiting your site?
  • How will you react to these user actions? (calls, emails, etc.)
  • How often will the site be updated?
  • How will you measure the success of the site?

Phase II: Organizing

The result of this phase is to create a detailed Requirements Document, which clearly lays out the structure and functions of each section of the site and to gather all the content that will go into the initial release of the site. Databases are reviewed if data import and/or transformation is required.

Phase III: Creating

The objective of this phase is twofold, to create the design (look and feel) that will make up the user interface for the site, and to design the databases and web applications which will make up the back-end of the site. We will learn your intentions for the look and feel of the site through questions, reviews of other web sites and creative brainstorming. Next, our design team will create three or more comps which will be presented for your review. Typically, clients find that one and often more than one comp could become the basis for the site design. You may also choose some combination of comps or a single comp with modifications. Based on your feedback, we will refine the design comp and repeat this process until a final user interface is chosen.

Concurrently with the user interface design, our programmers begin the database and web application design for the back-end of the site. This aspect of Phase III may require working closely with your IT department if there will be integration with in-house databases and back-end systems.

Phase IV: Producing

Once the graphical user-interface has been approved, we begin production of the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, database and web application programming. The result of this phase is a beta version of your site which includes all pages fully designed and all functionality working. Some glitches may still exist in the programming of the site at this stage.

Phase V: Testing

Once the site has been built, both NDIC and the client will test it thoroughly. Each page in the site will be viewed and tested in the most commonly used versions of the major browsers. All bugs found will be promptly fixed.

Phase VI: Deploying

The site is made live once all bugs have been eliminated and all aspects of the site have been approved.  Often a multi-pronged marketing effort is undertaken to increase traffic to the site. SEO, email marketing, affiliate marketing and social networking are all forms of internet marketing that we have expertise in.

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