Bug-Free Programming

Over 50% of complex programming projects fail. In fact, many of our customers came to us after having a bad experience with another web development company. The reasons for these website programming failures are varied, but there are a few that top the list. One, the website programmers were never trained as programmers. It’s relatively easy to learn how to build websites at a basic level and many people, looking to find a new career, have picked it up themselves. However, that doesn’t make them experienced website or database programmers. NDIC’s web developers have engineering and computer science degrees as well as years of experience developing web applications. This is what makes the difference between a project where you fix one bug and simultaneously create two more and one where bugs get fixed and stay fixed, ultimately resulting in a stable web application.

Another cause of failed web site programming projects is unclear or unrealistic expectations. Be wary of the web site programmer who gives you a quote before fully detailing all aspects of the project. In web site programming, sometimes a seemingly simple feature can take hours of programming to accomplish and without preparing a detailed plan ahead of time, you will inevitably run into disagreements with your web developer over what was included in the contract. We avoid these pitfalls by developing a detailed specification document at the outset of the project as well as by employing a unique method of estimating and charging which puts you squarely in control of the budget.

We are experienced in a wide variety of programming languages and platforms, including PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, Ruby/Rails, Python/Django and JSP/Spring. We have also worked with many different databases including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

If you are interested in having a highly adept technical team take a look at your project, email us or give us a call at (805) 962-8565.