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NDIC has been designing websites for companies in Ventura for over 16 years. Web design requires experience – don’t expect your neighbor’s kid to design a site with the same level of professionalism that an established company can. We have been offering these services since the web first began and we have the skills and knowledge to create a great website for your company.

When it comes to design in general, not all designers are equal. Some have vastly more talent, more training, and more experience. This translates into a more effective marketing tool for your business. A great design will do several things for your website, all of which will improve the results you get from that site.

Design should communicate who you are. It should communicate the essence of your company visually. For example, a website for an Italian restaurant should look like an Italian restaurant. A technology company’s website will look very different and should communicate a hi-tech feel.

Design should also speak to your target audience. This can modify the principle given above. If your company is hi-tech yet the majority of your customers are women, your site design should look very different than if the majority of your customers are men. Different designs may tend to appeal more to one group than another. You want a design that is going to be enjoyable and create an affinity with your target customer.

Great design organizes the information you are trying to present and makes it more consumable. It will be clean, balanced and give people a sense, through the use of color, size and other methods of emphasis, what is most important on the page and where someone should look first.

If the design is any good, it will increase the credibility of your company. An appealing design consciously and unconsciously tells your visitors that your company is on-the-ball. It builds trust because the visitor knows without even thinking about it that if you have clearly spent considerable time presenting your company in a positive light, then you are more likely to have a similar level of care or concern in delivering the product or service they are considering purchasing from you.

Web development in Ventura is a competitive business. You owe it to yourself and your company to use an experienced firm which can translate your unique product or service into an amazing look which will literally compel your prospects to want to buy from you. It is all about understanding your market and producing the best possible web design for the visitors that you can. Give us a try!

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