Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses everything you can do online to grow awareness of your company or organization and drive traffic to your website. There are 6 digital marketing services we offer:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Google AdWords Management
  4. Conversion Optimization
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Content Development
  7. Social Media Marketing

Strategic Planning

To make your marketing dollars go as far as possible, a little bit of time and money spent up front on a strategic plan is critical. Whether you do that planning and direct our efforts, engage us in creating a plan for you, or buy some consulting to do collaborative strategizing, the time spent in this phase of a project is in some ways the most valuable.

Research is often the first step in a strategic plan. The target market needs to be well understood or defined and market opportunities identified. Some of this information you may be able to provide, while some may need to be gathered from surveys, customer calls, industry research, and other sources.

Formulating the plan can be as simple as developing some basic objectives, a stated strategy on how to get there, and a punch list of initial tasks that have been identified, or it may be a multi-page marketing plan. Our goal is to help you develop a truly strategic approach, one that is driven by a thoughtful combination of logic and creativity and isn’t tied to a particular set of tasks. A good strategy is an overall approach that you can always refer back to in order to generate the right actions to reach your goal.

Search Engine Optimization

For many years, SEO meant making a lot of highly technical, often invisible, changes to your website and web pages. Those days are gone. Today, SEO boils down to two things: 1) Create more relevant content on your site, and 2) Get more inbound links to your website.

While the SEO game is easier to explain, it’s harder than ever to achieve good results. That’s because Google has gotten more discerning over the years and they are very difficult to fool. So, it basically boils down to working hard at creating great content and then marketing that content like crazy in order to generate inbound links, i.e., links from other people’s websites to yours.

Developing great content means writing original articles and/or producing great photos, artwork, music, or video. We can help you create this content or you can provide it as part of an SEO campaign. In terms of marketing that content, we can do that for you or provide you with the strategies and consulting to get it done yourself. These days, SEO is often a collaborative effort between your team and ours.

Google AdWords Management

If SEO is like a stream that you try to build over time into a river, AdWords is like a faucet that you can turn on or turn off. Turn AdWords on, and you’ll immediately start getting traffic, though you’ll pay for every click. How much you pay per click and the value of the clicks that you receive is a function of several factors, including but not limited to:

  1. The keywords you are buying – the more relevant the keywords are to your business, the better the quality of traffic you will get.
  2. How much you spend on keywords – the more expensive keywords might provide more relevant traffic, but it can be harder to achieve a return on investment.
  3. How good your ads are – some ads motivate people to click.
  4. How well your landing pages convert visitors to prospects.

Conversion Optimization

Generating qualified leads is a primary goal of most websites. The better your website is at turning visitors into prospects, leads, and customers, the more value you receive from your marketing dollars. This is why we usually recommend optimizing your site to have the best conversion rate it can have before you spend money on driving more traffic to it.

To make your site convert visitors to leads at a higher rate, we start with a set of best practices that we’ve developed over the years. Next, if your budget allows, we create a series of A/B tests to see what headlines, images, and calls to action have the greatest impact. In a very scientific way, we help optimize your site for its best possible conversion rates.

Email Marketing

To effectively market your company via email, you need to build your email list and then you need to consistently and professionally market to that list. Building your list can be a challenging proposition. Few people, even existing customers, will simply sign-up for your email marketing list. In order to grow the list, you need to demonstrate you have something of value to offer them.

Once you’ve begun to develop your email marketing list, you need to provide valuable, relevant content to it on a regular basis. If you just promote your products or services through your list and do nothing more to provide value, your subscriber base will quickly shrink.

Content Development

Writing great web page content is all about building trust with the visitor by speaking directly to them and communicating that you understand them. How do you do this? By knowing what your target market’s primary needs and primary considerations are. For example, a shoe maker is of course providing a fundamental need by clothing people. But the reason her target market buys from her is likely more specific. Perhaps she makes more comfortable shoes. Or maybe she makes shoes that are unique and therefore make her buyers feel special. Whatever the reasons are that your customers buy from you, you need to understand them inside and out and demonstrate this clearly and repeatedly in your written content.

At the same time, most buyers have certain fears or considerations. Will the shoes fall apart too quickly? Perhaps they are stylish and unique but will that make them uncomfortable? Knowing your visitors concerns will allow you to take steps to allay them in your written content.

By telling the visitor that you understand not only their reasons for buying from you but also their concerns about buying from you and addressing those concerns, you can build trust with your audience quickly, moving them from prospect to customer.

When it comes to writing content for your business or project, you are most often the person who best understands what needs to be communicated. However, if you are not an expert writer or you just prefer to offload this task to professionals, we can help. Our writers and content developers will interview you, research your company and competitors and help build out well-written, relevant marketing copy that motivates visitors to engage with your organization. We also provide excellent Spanish translation services.

Social Media Marketing

Not all businesses need to market across all social media sites. Companies that provide products or services to other companies, for example, likely will not benefit from an Instagram, Pinterest or even a Facebook page. Retail businesses that serve consumers, on the other hand, can benefit greatly from a strong Facebook page and marketing strategy. Twitter can be a boon to any business but building a network of Twitter followers can be more costly and time-consuming than it’s worth, making it a poor return on investment for a lot of companies.

Understanding what social networks are likely to be applicable to your particular organization and how to be successful on each social network is something we can assist you with. Our primary goal is to help you in creating a smart and sustainable social networking strategy and then to help you implement that, whether through the use of your own resources or with assistance from us.

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