Effective Website Design

Great graphic design is only great within the context of a particular client, medium, and project. This means that while it’s helpful to look at a company’s design portfolio, you should try to avoid looking for a design you might like for your website, logo, brochure, etc. Instead, look for design flexibility which can be found in the breadth of design within a portfolio. The more varied the design, the more you can trust that a design team will be able to hit any target, including yours. Regardless of whether we’ve designed something for a company within your particular industry, our design process guarantees that we will create something that you and your customers will love.

Website Design

The design of your web site needs to not only convey your image and your brand, but it must also visually speak to your target audience in a way that is compelling and builds trust. The web site design process is therefore intimately tied to your company’s distinguishing factors in the market place as well as the demographics of your target market. To be able to hit these targets, you need a web site design partner with experience and flexibility.

A custom website design lends tremendously to the professionalism and credibility of your company. The design is the first thing a visitor will notice about your website. A great design will consciously and unconsciously build trust with your visitors. Plus, it will make it easier for them to find what they are looking for, further increasing the likelihood that they will engage with you.

If a custom website design is not in your budget, we can still build you a professional and attractive site using off-the-shelf themes. There is a large selection of excellent themes that will enable you to save time and money in the construction of your website, but you should be aware of the pros and cons of off-the-shelf themes versus custom designed ones.

Corporate Identity

Developing a new logo can be one of the most challenging design and creative projects you’ll undertake. Creating a mark that visually and conceptually distills and captures all that your organization is and/or wants to be is no small task. Our approach is to produce dozens of concepts and, typically, hundreds of unique marks. Our designers are fast, prolific and creative during this stage. Our premise, and what we’ve seen over and over again, is that our clients don’t truly know what they will like until they see it. So, rather than asking you to give us clear direction and give you only a limited number of design options, we ask for as much or as little input as you are able to give and then we brainstorm tons of concepts. As you begin to see interesting and attractive marks, you will become more and more clear about what you want and need. We often iterate on several concepts simultaneously and will revise the final choice as much as is required to get you a logo you are thrilled with. The entire process from start to finish takes less than three weeks.

Print & Sales Collateral

While we are experts in digital media, our roots are in traditional print design. We have the experience and capabilities to produce business cards, brochures, sales sheets, print ads and trade show booths.

If you would like to hear our thoughts on how we might enhance your organization’s visual presence, email us or give us a call at (805) 962-8565 x2.

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