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Web development in Santa Barbara is our specialty. Whether you need a simple brochure-type website or you are looking to develop a massive online presence, NDIC is your Santa Barbara web development firm. Many companies advertise web development services, but most of them are simply a designer who has picked up some web development techniques or they are a programmer who has learned a little about how to make graphics for the web. These days, a lot of individuals have learned a little about WordPress and are advertising their services as web designers. None of these types of companies will offer you the professional web development that a company like NDIC can offer. We employ professional graphic designers as well as seasoned programmers so that your web development efforts are top notch.

Web development generally starts with a good plan. For most businesses, this means you need to focus first on marketing and sales. The website design and content should be focused on informing customers about your product or service and inspiring them to make contact with you so that you can sell to them. This means starting with basic conversations about who your target market is and what are their pain points. What problem do you solve for them? What are their main concerns or hesitations with regards to buying from yours? Developing a solid, market-focused plan requires someone with marketing and copywriting experience.

Next, you need to produce a professional website design. The design should be unique to your company and focused directly on your target market. Professional graphic design requires someone who is not only a great artist but who is trained in commercial art – the art and science of design produced for the purpose of selling. Many fine artists, illustrators, and photographers are talented and creative but they are not trained in producing effective commercial art.

Once your design is done, you need to apply that design to all the pages in your site. The amount of effort in this step is directly related to how much content you have on your site. If you have 50 pages, it will take more than if you have 10 pages. This is the domain of a web-savvy designer or HTML production person.

While all of this is happening, a programmer should be working on the core programming aspects of your site. Do you need a shopping cart? Will the site be built on a content management system, such as WordPress, so that you can manage the content yourself? Do you need a blog, forum or photo gallery? All of these are database-driven programmed portions of your website which require the skills of a trained programmer. There is a big difference between a self-taught programmer and a trained programmer who is familiar with cutting-edge programming techniques such as object-oriented programming, agile development, and convention-based development frameworks. Which would you rather have on your team?

Finally, it takes a great project manager to tie all of this together and maintain good communication with the client. Without a project manager, you need to be knowledgeable about each of these areas in order to make sure the whole project comes together. Many customers are unhappy with their web developers not because those developers might not be decent designers or programmers but because they don’t hold their client’s hands through the process. Clients get frustrated feeling like they are managing a process they don’t understand and end up losing trust for their web developers as a result.

It truly takes a team to do web development. An individual is unlikely to be able to provide all of the above services. Web development in Santa Barbara with a team of professionals is our specialty. Email us or give us a call at (805) 962-8565 for a free consultation on how we can develop a professional website for your company.

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