How to – Change my MX Records in cPanel

  1. Access you cPanel account.
  2. Managing Your Domain.
    Go to the “Domains” section. Here, find and click on the “Zone Editor” menu.
    Locate your domain in the list and click on the “Manage” option next to it.

  3. Navigating to MX Tab.
    Once in the management section, look for and click on the “MX” tab.
  4. Removing Existing MX Records (if necessary).
    If you want to use a third-party mail service for your domain, you may need to remove the existing MX records.
    Find the existing MX record(s) and use the delete option to get rid of them.
  5. Adding New MX Records.
    Click on the “Add Record” button usually present in the MX tab section.
    Enter the required details for your new MX record(s), such as priority and destination, as provided by your third-party mail service.
  6. Saving Changes.
    Make sure to save any changes you’ve made before exiting the page.
  7. Setting Email Routing.
    If your cPanel has an “Email Routing” section, ensure it’s set to the correct option, like “Remote Mail Exchanger” if you’re using a third-party mail service.

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