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There is a single key to creating a website that actually helps you get more customers, clients, donors, etc. A website that converts visitors into leads and customers is fundamentally able to convince people that you are a credible source for the service or product that they are looking for. Building credibility in the minds of your visitors is what enables you to convince them that you can fulfill on whatever promise you are making to them.

So, how do you rapidly build credibility with your website visitors?

High on the list is the quality of your site design. The site design is the first impression you give your visitors because it’s the first thing the notice before they start looking around or reading anything. If it’s clean, organized, professional and distinct, you create an instant positive impression. If it’s cluttered, disorganized, unprofessional in some way or generic, it makes an instant negative impression. Different visitors and even different target markets will have varying thresholds for what they consider good design so in order to have the widest positive effect, your site design should be the best you can make it for your budget.

Does that mean you shouldn’t use inexpensive, pre-designed themes? It depends. If that is the best you can do for your budget, then a pre-designed theme might be the right solution. While it may not differentiate your website very well (since thousands of other websites no doubt purchased the same theme), it could still be attractive and well organized. If your organization can afford it, a professionally designed custom theme can be a cut above while also enabling you to better differentiate yourself.

But design is just one part of a website that generates leads. Clarity is critical. Your website needs to instantly communicate what you provide. If visitors have any confusion about what your service or product is, they will leave. No one cares to take the time to look around and try to figure out what you do, unless they’ve gotten a very strong recommendation from a friend. While you are of course glad to get visitors to your site via a strong referral source, you certainly can’t count on all visitors to come that way, nor would you likely want to, as it would mean that your marketing efforts are limited to only word of mouth.

There are a number of other factors for building credibility and converting website visitors to customers. If you would like to learn more of them, email or call us at (805) 888-0043 x2 and we would be happy to discuss how we might apply these principles to your website.

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