Digital West FAQ

Who is NDIC?

NDIC is a local company based on the Central Coast. The team has been hosting web sites for customers since 1994. Visit for more detailed information about the company mission and philosophy, the team, customer testimonials, and examples of design and development work.

Will the costs of my services change?

No, NDIC has agreed to honor current rates for web and email hosting.

Will my billing date or schedule change?

No, at this time all billing dates and schedules will remain unchanged. Once an account has been established, you may change your billing schedule (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually) by written request to [email protected]

Hosting service for my non-profit or community group has been donated. Will this continue?

Yes, NDIC, as a local community-focused company, will continue to provide complimentary hosting for the organizations long supported by Digital West.  

Do I have to do anything to move my web site or email?

Digital West and NDIC will work together in the coming weeks to transition your web site and/or email from Digital West to NDIC. In most cases this can be done without your assistance, but the teams will reach out if needed. For example, customers whose domain names are hosted elsewhere will be asked to assist at the time of the move.

What does NDIC offer that Digital West does not?

NDIC provides website design, programming, and maintenance services, with a goal of helping customers save money through efficient use of Internet technologies, as well as increasing revenue through improved online sales and marketing. Their hosting platform is highly optimized to ensure that your site is always online and secure.

Can we still use our own web developer or maintain our web site ourselves?


Are we able to speak with a live person at NDIC as we have with Digital West?


Will there be any downtime for my email or website?

Our goal is for the transition to have only a positive impact on your business, so migrations will take place during off-hours and be done in a way to minimize downtime. NDIC will let you know in advance of any changes that might affect you.

If I have a problem with my site or email and need support, what should I do?

Contact [email protected] or call 805-962-8565 x1. We will either route you to Project Manager for assistance or our support team will handle directly.

If I have a billing or administrative question, what should I do?

Contact [email protected] or call 805-962-8565 x10. Please leave a voicemail if you do not get a live response, all messages will be returned promptly.

Why do I have to provide payment details to NDIC?

While Digital West is able to transfer your contact information and services to NDIC, we cannot pass along credit card information given to us. Therefore, NDIC needs to collect this information directly from you.

Are there any options for upgrading our email for better spam filtering?

Yes, NDIC resells and supports both RackSpace email and Google Workspace. Both have world-class delivery rates and spam filtering.  

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