NDIC Acquires Impulse Advanced Communications Web Hosting Business

Santa Barbara, CA, November 16, 2020 – New Directions in Computing (NDIC) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Impulse Advanced Communications’ web hosting business, beginning mid-November.

For 25 years, Impulse has offered the central coast a suite of local services including internet access, web/email hosting, and telecom services. The business has decided to discontinue web hosting services in order to focus on its core offerings – fiber internet access, cloud-based phones and meeting services, and network and server management.

After searching for a local company that could provide the right balance of support, platform, and value, Impulse looked to NDIC, with whom they’ve enjoyed a long and harmonious relationship as both colleagues in the Central Coast tech industry, as well as mutual customers.

“Web hosting is one of our core service offerings, along with web design/development, systems administration, and marketing, so the transition of Impulse’s web hosting business to NDIC was a natural choice,” said Masen Yaffee, President/CEO of NDIC. “We are pleased and excited to serve these new clients.”

Benefits of NDIC hosting services that customers can expect to enjoy are responsive, local service, single point of contact issue resolution, redundant server configurations for 99.999% uptime, and ongoing security and site maintenance.

To learn more about NDIC’s acquisition of Impulse hosting services email [email protected].



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