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Web Design Santa Barbara


Web design is one of our specialties and Santa Barbara is one of our favorite places to deliver this service! We have been providing these services for over 18 years, making us the first company in the area to do professional web development. Whether you are looking for a simple “brochure” site or you have a large multi-section site requiring more complex design, we can handle your project.

Santa Barbara has a lot of web developers considering its size. The town attracts a lot of creative people who, for one reason or another, go into business for themselves. Because building websites seem to be easy to learn, it’s a natural career choice for many people. However, just because someone offers this service doesn’t mean that they are professionally trained as graphic designers. There are many people who taught themselves or are really computer programmers who learned Photoshop and decided they could do build websites. Our approach is different. We hire only professionally trained designers who have gone to school to learn commercial graphics.

You can usually tell the difference immediately between a website that is designed by a professional and one built by someone who was never formally trained. Page layouts are unbalanced, colors don’t go well together and the choice of fonts leaves something to be desired or simply doesn’t seem to apply to the subject matter at hand. Visitors to your site are consciously and/or unconsciously aware of the level of professionalism of your design and your credibility with them will be affected by how they percieve your site. A well designed and organized site will inspire the confidence that your product or service is also of high quality. Likewise, a poorly designed site will make visitors question whether your product or service is similarly lacking in professionalism or attention to detail.

One way to get a professional design for less is to use templates. Templates can be an okay approach when you are first starting out. They are certainly better than a poorly designed site, however, templates fail to reflect the character of the business. Since template makers don’t know what type of business the template will be used for, they intentionally design them generically. A template design won’t visually tell your visitors the type of business you are or the character of the business.

On the other hand, a custom design can be fit specifically to your business and your target market. The colors, font choices, images, layout and overall design all work together to bring forth the character and feeling that you want to convey. This supports your marketing message and will better appeal to your prospects. It subtly makes them feel like they have arrived at the right place to find what they are looking for. For example, a tool company’s website may make use of grays and blacks and colors that evoke metal and machinery. Fonts will be strong and bold. Contrast that with a spa website whose target market will likely identify more with organic colors like greens and browns and fonts that are softer and more elegant.

Take a look at our portfolio or give us a call at 805-962-8565 and see what a professional web design company can do for you!

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