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If you are looking for a web design firm in Oxnard, then you have found us. We have been providing great website design in the Tri-Counties for over 18 years, making us the first and longest running company of our type in the area. Whether you are looking for a simple brochure site or a multi-level site with hundreds of pages and a content management system, we can help!

Oxnard is not a large city but because of it’s placement near other cities and it’s relatively low rents, it has attracted a lot of great companies. Many of these companies have built great brick and mortar businesses but have not yet fully moved those operations to the internet. If this describes you and you are looking for a company to help you take full advantage of the internet for marketing and selling your products or services, look no further!

When looking for a web designer, there are several factors you should consider. One, they should have expertise in both design and programming. Many companies have skills in one but are very limited in the other. You can tell a design-oriented company because they will have nice looking sites in their portfolio, but the sites will typically have very little functionality. Missing from their portfolio is the e-commerce sites or content managed sites that show they have a solid programming background. On the other hand, if they show you all the whiz-bang features they have added to sites and immediately start talking about technology, especially if they talk about it in a way that you find difficult to understand, you have likely found a firm that may have technical skills but be lacking in design skills.

Another factor to consider is whether they have any marketing experience. It’s one thing to develop a website that works well and looks nice but it’s another to produce one that actually creates leads and sells products or services. Does the site read well? Are headlines and body copy compelling? Can you find the company if you do a search for obvious keywords?

If you are focusing on just their design capabilities, you should look for a vendor that can show variety in their portfolio. Many designers seem to have a “look” to their sites. If you like that look, then great. However, you will quickly find that the look is more about the designer than about you as a company. On the other hand, a web design firm that can show a lot of very different designs has a better range. They are more likely to be able to create a look specific to your company because their design is less about themselves and more about the client they represent.

It’s less important that the company has done a lot of design within your particular industry and more important that the designs they have done match the industry they did them for. For example, a restaurant site should look like a restaurant. The design should make your mouth water. Likewise, a manufacturing company custom web design should look like a manufacturing company. A travel company site should make you want to take a trip just by looking at the site.

The purpose of design is to support the message of your company and market effectively to your target customer. You can measure good design based on how effectively it achieves that goal. It doesn’t matter if the design looks like what you would want for your company. If the web design company can hit that mark for other companies that they will likely hit that mark for you.

Take a look at our portfolio and see if our design meets this criterion or give us a call at (805) 962-8565 and see what a professional company can do for you!

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