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Santa Barbara Logo Design – Why choose NDIC for your Logo Design?


If you want Santa Barbara logo design, you are probably looking for a great designer to help you create a brand identity for your company. Your business’s logo design is the basis for your company’s marketing and as such, it should be as professional as possible.

A logo is a simple mark or design that represents the essence of your company. For some companies, their logo is a stylized treatment of their company name, like Microsoft or IBM. However, most companies also have a small graphical mark that represents their brand, like the apple in the Apple logo or Nike’s swoosh. The development of this mark requires an in-depth discussion of the personality that the company wishes to project in the marketplace.

When we design a logo, the first step in this discussion. We will ask questions like “who is your target market” and “what type of image do you want your company to project”. We look at samples of what others have done, make recommendations and help you arrive at an understanding of what your core brand and message are.

From this discussion, we will begin to design your logo. We typically design 10-15 different possible marks so you have a wide variety of options to begin the logo development process. You can choose your favorite option and we will iterate on that option until it’s exactly the way you want it. Once the logo is done, business cards, letterhead, a website and possibly a company brochure usually follow.

Professional logo design is a combination of commercial design, creative illustration, and great marketing. All of these need to come together to create a brand that is unique in the marketplace and that represents what your company does and stands for. If you are looking for guidance in this process, give us a call at 805-962-8565.


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