Hosting for E-Commerce– Finding a Host that Fits your Business

Hosting for E-Commerce – Finding a Host that Fits your Business


When a company is setting up a website for their business one of the most important decisions they can make is what company to obtain hosting for E-commerce site.  A good company will make a huge difference in how the website operates, how many times it goes down, the service provided and how quickly a customer can move through the information on the site.  Many times if a website is hosted with an inferior service, it can cause customers to not use their business because the website is just too time-consuming to navigate or it is down when the customer is looking.

It is important when picking whom to use in hosting for e-commerce that you take into consideration several things that will directly affect how efficiently the site works for your business.  The first is bandwidth.  For a company just starting out this may not seem too important, but as the business grows, it will become more and more important that you have sufficient bandwidth so that numerous customers can access the site at the same time. In addition, realize that your site is most likely sharing its bandwidth with the other customers that hosting company has. If they have more customers than their bandwidth will support, all the sites on that service will be slow.

The hosting company should also provide good support to you while you are setting up your site and as long as you use it. Do they respond promptly to your calls and issues that arise? Are they friendly and helpful? Do they recognize your account or are you an anonymous user to them that has to go through account verification every time?

An important factor in hosting performance has to do with how many sites they allow per server. Are they packing thousands of sites into each server to maximize their resources while increasing the likelihood that your site will crash or be slow?

Finally, a good hosting for e-commerce company will actually have experience with credit card transactions. They can advise you on how best to accept credit cards online, how to secure the transactions and how to ensure that your customer’s data is never compromised. PCI compliance is an essential part of transacting business online and a good hosting company will know how to help you be PCI compliant.

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