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If you are a Commercial Real Estate firm looking to utilize WordPress for your website while enabling a real-time feed of your listings from CoStar Brokerage or ReApps, you’ve come to the right place. WordPress makes a great front-end platform, but in terms of back-end connections to commercial real estate listings, there are few solutions. NDIC has a depth of experience building professionally designed, as well as technologically sophisticated CRE websites. The following are a few of the features in our solution.

Real-time feed of your listings from your CoStar Brokerage, aka ReApps, back-end.

CoStar provides a robust back-office system for managing your CRE listings. We can connect this directly to your WordPress website through a proprietary data connector that we built for specifically for WordPress. Manage all of your listings in one place and have them automatically update on your website, including:

  • Multiple pictures and slide-show
  • PDF links
  • Google map of the listing location
  • All or some of the listing details
  • Fully searchable within WordPress
WordPress plugin for CoStar Brokerage ReApps

Searchable CRE listings in WordPress in real-time from ReApps

Dynamic Property Search For CRE Websites

Dynamic Property Search shows pins on Google maps that match selection criteria in real-time.

Property Search Shows Real-Time Results on a Google Map

Another way to display your listings is on a dynamic Google map that changes in real-time based on the criteria that your visitor selects. Simply change the attributes like city, price, lease, sale, etc. and the map shows the pins that fit that criteria. Click on a pin to see more details about the selected property.


  • All property data can be downloaded from Costar or other listing systems
  • Criteria for search can be customized
  • Analytics provide information on which properties are most popular

Agent Mega Menu Provides Instant Access to Agent Bios and Contact Information

All CRE sites have an agent listing page, which is often one of the more popular pages. Clients and prospective clients are frequently looking for an agent they’ve worked with or heard about. The more clicks it takes for them to find this information, the more likely they will go elsewhere. Put your agent information at their fingertips with our uniquely tailored mega-menu which is always at their fingertips.


  • Agent picture, name and phone number display with only a mouse-over
  • Click to see listings, bio or their email address
  • Update agent information easily
  • Multiple pictures and slide-show
  • PDF links
  • Google map of the listing location
  • All or some of the listing details
  • Fully searchable within WordPress
CRE Agent Mega Menu

The Agent Mega Menu gives visitors instant access to agent contact info.

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