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Integration with In-House Systems

One of the best ways to cut costs and operate more efficiently is to integrate your web site with in-house systems. A simple example of this is the ecommerce site that integrates with your accounting system so that orders from your web site do not have to be entered manually, saving time and reducing errors. Another example is a web based employment application that inserts applications directly into your HR software. NDIC has done dozens of these types of integrations with various different systems including accounting, CRM, and ERP from different vendors including Intuit (QuickBooks), Netsuite, Microsoft (Great Plains Accounting), M.O.M., FileMaker, QAD, SAP, Goldmine, Blackbaud, DonorPerfect, and many others.

Often there are existing solutions to integrate your website with your in-house database however these usually have limitations or they have more features than you need and the bigger price tag to go along with them. A custom solution can provide just the right balance between functionality and cost. It will also enable you to own the software code, thereby eliminating annual licensing fees and giving you greater control over the future direction of your integration efforts.

To decide whether off-the-shelf or custom integration is better, it’s critical to undertake a Discovery Phase where solutions can be compared in terms of cost, implementation time, and other important criteria. If you are considering an integration effort of some type, email us or give us a call at (888) 252-0043 x2.

Integrations we’ve done include:


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