Web Development Ventura

Web Development Ventura

Web development in Ventura requires a level of expertise that only a professional firm can achieve. Whether you are looking for a basic site to advertise your product or service or you are a large company looking to develop a comprehensive web presence, NDIC is the company for the job. We have been doing professional Ventura web development for over 17 years. Our designers and programmers are trained professionals, not just individuals who have recently picked up to the profession in order to start a new career.

There are several reasons to hire a professional firm or company to build your website over an individual. For one, it takes several people to build a professional website. At the minimum, you need a professional graphic designer, a programmer, a marketing expert and a project manager. In many cases, you may also need a system administrator, a photographer, and a copywriter. Trying to find one person who is top notch in all of these disciplines is highly unlikely. You will find people who say they can do them all, but at best they will be strong in one area and deficient in the others.

Two, a firm can provide continuity for your business. An individual web developer could easily decide to get a job or take a 6-month or year-long contract becoming totally unavailable to you. You then need to hire someone else and pay to bring them up to speed. A good firm will have several people familiar with your project so even if one of them leaves, the company will still have knowledge of your project and how to move it forward or fix things if they develop problems.

Three, a company can often save you money. It’s a myth that an individual will be less expensive than a company. If the company is experienced, they will have developed systems and procedures to develop websites which make them much more efficient than an individual. In addition, because a company will employ an expert in each discipline, these professionals will be more experienced, fast and efficient within their discipline. The net result is that a good company should be able to realize economies of scale and efficiencies that an individual doesn’t have.

Professional web development is best performed by a professional company or firm which can provide the range of expertise, the continuity and the cost savings that an individual web developer cannot match. Ventura companies need a professional partner who can help them achieve their web development objectives. If you believe your company could benefit from a more strategic approach to web development, give us a call at 805-962-8565. We offer a free web development consultation.

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