Web Design San Luis Obispo

Web Design San Luis Obispo

If you are looking for great web design San Luis Obispo, then you have come to the right place! We have been developing professional sites for 18 years which makes us the first and longest running web development company in the area!

San Luis Obispo is a great place to live and build a business and with CalPoly nearby, it’s no surprise the area has attracted a number of web design and development companies. However, not all web companies are created equal. How do you decide which one is right for you?

Obviously, the price is always a consideration, but you should consider other factors first before price shopping. Otherwise, you will find a company that can meet your budget but may not be able to meet other expectations. Here are the factors you should look at when choosing a web designer.

Every web development project has several different aspects – design, programming, and marketing at the very least. In terms of design, you should look for a company that has produced a wide range of designs. If their designs are mostly within a single industry or they all look the same, you may have found a company whose focus or range is too narrow. A good designer should be able to produce a design that is specific to the company that they are designed for. You can tell this quickly because the design should actually reflect the company and industry it is designed for. For example, an Italian restaurant should look like an Italian restaurant and make your mouth water. A photographer’s site should say beautiful pictures in the way that it is designed. Or it should convey some other message that is specific to that company’s brand. That is why a company that has a wide variety in their portfolio is more likely to be able to hit your particular target.

You can often tell the difference between a website that is designed by a professional and one designed by someone who was not formally trained. Layouts are unbalanced, colors don’t go well together or the choice of fonts is not quite right or simply doesn’t seem to apply to the subject matter at hand. Visitors to your site are consciously and/or unconsciously aware of the level of professionalism of your design and your credibility with them will be affected by how they perceive your site. A well designed and organized site will inspire the confidence that your product or service is also of high quality. Likewise, a poorly designed site will make visitors question whether your product or service is similarly lacking in professionalism or attention to detail.

Programming is another critical factor when selecting a web design firm. Can the company show you examples of sophisticated websites that required custom programming? It’s easy to install an off-the-shelf e-commerce package but can they actually add customizations to it? If not, then at some point in the future you are likely to outgrow them and need someone with more experience. It’s better to make a good choice, to begin with.

Finally, marketing is critical to every successful web design effort. If the company focuses only on design or only on programming, then they are missing the boat. Design and programming should be driven by the sales and marketing goals of the company. After all, if your website doesn’t help you get more customers then it is not doing its job. A good custom web design should be fit specifically to your business and your target market. The colors, font choices, images, layout and overall design all work together to bring forth the character and feeling that you want to convey. This supports your marketing message and will better appeal to your prospects. It makes them feel like they have arrived at the right place to find what they are looking for.

Take a look at our portfolio or give us a call at 805-962-8565 to see what a professional web design company can do for you!

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