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Santa Barbara Graphic Design – What Makes Great Design?

When it comes to Santa Barbara graphic design, you need a company with the creativity and experience to produce an attractive and compelling design. Whether it is logo design, website design or design for a print piece such as your business cards or a company brochure, the same principles apply.

First, great design is market and message driven. In other words, it’s designed to speak to a segment of the market place and to have a fundamental message behind it. For example, if you are an architect, your market may be primarily developers and your core message is that you are the most engineering-driven firm around. Or you might be a shoemaker targeting primarily women with a message that says you make the most comfortable shoes. Great design always starts by taking a specific perspective in terms of the audience and what you want to communicate to that audience.

Once that’s clear, a great designer will be able to create visuals that are consistent with these goals. This is where the talent of the designer comes into play. How good is their use of color, typography, space, photography, illustration and other aspects of great design? Can they create visuals that evoke feeling? Can they tell stories using only visual elements?

One sign of a great design firm is the diversity of their design. If you can see designs in their portfolio that are so diverse that you wouldn’t know they were created by the same designer, then you’ve found a company that has gone beyond it’s own prejudices and is able to produce design based on the need at hand rather than on their own style.

Another sign of a great design firm is that the designs clearly represent the client they were designed for. A website for an Italian restaurant should look like an Italian restaurant. A brochure for a race track should visually evoke a sense of movement and speed. You may not personally like every piece (design is at least partially subjective), but you can at least see that the design has hit a particular target.

Great Santa Barbara graphic design is about creativity and experience combined with a clear understanding of the market and the message to create a design piece that perfectly matches the goals of the client. If you are looking for help making the design of your next project produce compelling results, give us a call at 805-962-8565.

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