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Joomla Content Management System – Why Should You Consider a Joomla Content Management System for Your Business?


The Joomla content management system is fast becoming one of the leaders in CMS. Joomla itself is a free, open source piece of software used for managing content on a website. With over 20 million downloads the software is widely used and known among users and developers alike.

Joomla, like other CMS’s, separates the content on your website from the design through the use of templates. Once your webmaster has installed a template or designed a custom template, you can add new pages to the site without needing to know any HTML and without concern that you will make a mistake and mess something up. All of the new pages will be created in the same template, ensuring consistency among the pages in your site.

Because Joomla is open-source, developers around the world have created add-ons for it. This means that you can build a website that has a custom feature set but requires little to no custom programming. By finding the right set of add-ons for your site, you can build a site which has tremendous functionality at a very low cost. Most add-ons (or plug-ins) for Joomla are free or have a nominal cost ($20-$80).

Joomla itself offers many built-in features such as user-management or the ability to create different users that can login who have different roles and therefore can access different parts of the system. A basic user might be able to access only the public content whereas a member could access special content. A manager would be able to see all the content and even edit or add content.

Joomla also supports multiple languages. This enables you to create a multi-lingual site and not have to worry about rebuilding the same site multiple times. You simply have to translate each page into whatever languages you want to support and Joomla will build all the pages. You can even find auto-translation plug-ins, though the automatic translation is still in its infancy and will usually butcher the language.

Another key feature in Joomla is its menu manager. You can set up multiple navigation menus, like the main navigation, left navigation and footer navigation. Once these have been set up and included in the template, adding new navigation links is easy.

Joomla is a great content management system and has many more core functions plus thousands of additional features through its add-on architecture.

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