Getting the Most Out of Your Google SEO Consultant

Get the Most Out of Your Google SEO Consultant

When is a good time to bring in an SEO consultant? Whenever you feel you could be getting more traffic to your website or if you see your competitors are getting better ranking on Google than you. Not all websites have the goal of increasing visitors or generating more leads. Some sites are purely informational or educational and don’t have a commercial agenda. However, if you are trying to market your company’s services online, then you need to increase the number of visitors to your site so you have a greater chance of bringing in more business.

If you are considering hiring an SEO consultant, you should be prepared so that you can make the best possible decision. SEO services range from the ridiculously inexpensive to the overpriced. On the low-end, you will often find scams or less-than-ethical services. If someone is promising you a number one ranking in Google for $349.99, you should be very suspicious. The reality is that it takes a knowledgeable, skilled SEO expert to improve your rankings and people like that are generally not giving their services away. And even for a skilled SEO consultant, it takes time to research the competitive landscape of your business and make the required changes to your site. Plus, every industry is different in terms of how competitive it is, so a single price that guarantees any business a top ranking is not possible. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in SEO.

On the other hand, a service that charges 10s or 100s of thousands of dollars is out of budget range for most small businesses. Whether these services are really worth what they charge is arguable, but there’s no question that you don’t want to overpay for SEO services.

So, what are reasonable expectations to have of an average SEO consultant? One, SEO is definitely a case of the more the better. In other words, it’s unlikely you can ever do too much SEO because you will always be competing with other companies, some of which are likely to have a larger budget than you. So, the question becomes not how much SHOULD you spend but how much can you afford to spend and what can you expect to get for that. An SEO consultant should explain this to you and set expectations accordingly.

Two, different industries have different levels of competition. For example, Real Estate can be very difficult to get top rankings, even on a local level, because there are so many real estate agents and they are all competing with each other. Additionally, there are large real estate brokers and national websites that are also competing for the same keywords. On the other hand, many plumbers still don’t even have websites and they certainly aren’t competing for SEO keywords as heavily as other industries. The less competition there is for a given industry and geographic region, the easier it is to get top rankings.

Finally, an SEO expert should tell you exactly what they propose to do for your site and how long they estimate it will take. Don’t expect your rankings to shoot up overnight. SEO can take time, especially for keywords that are more competitive, and therefore more valuable. If you want instant results, consider Google AdWords, where you can immediately pay Google for clicks to your site.


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