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Great marketing copy inspires, motivates and almost compels users to take action. It does such a good job of talking to your customers core needs and concerns that they literally love you just for writing it and feel excited by the possibility that you can satisfy their need. How do you do that? Here are some tips:

  • Be direct. Don’t beat around the bush. Use the fewest words that you can to say what you want to say.
  • Be informal. Talk directly to your consumer rather than in the 3rd person. In many cases, you should write like you are speaking with them. A touch of your personality or humor, if done right, can engage them and make them feel friendly towards you.
  • Be easy to understand. Use easy to understand language, rather than showing off your vocabulary or using industry specific terminology that your customers may not understand or relate to.
  • Be neutral. Don’t use excessive or over-the-top adjectives. The more you exaggerate your claims, the less likely people will be to believe you.
  • Explain HOW you do what you do. Give just enough information for a lay person to understand how your product or service will satisfy their needs without going into too much detail. The “how” helps convince them and the lack of details will leave them wanting to know more.
  • Be concise. Open with a couple of sentences that makes them want more and then offer a “more…” button so they can read further. This satisfies their need to quickly decide if they are interested and then offers a way to satisfy the curiosity you have aroused.
  • Educate. Any time you can easily inform your reader about your industry or something relevant to them, you are offering value. If you can offer value through what you write, prospects will feel that you can offer them value through your product or service as well.
  • Use facts. Facts and statistics can be very convincing if they are relevant.
  • Use common sense. Tying your explanations to common sense or universal truths requires no explanation to be convincing. Just make sure that your statements really do have general agreement and don’t make people want to argue with you.

Follow these tips and you will captivate and inspire your readers to take action! Next article will talk about good “Calls to action.”


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