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Whether you have a small order form for a few products or a large e-commerce site serving millions of international customers, we have the experience required to build you a world-class site. When selling on the web, it’s all about conversion rates, which means your site needs to convert visitors to customers on the spot. All of the principles in the sections Driving Traffic and Converting Customers apply. The site must be user-friendly as consumers have very high standards from having shopped for years at sites like Amazon and Apple. If your e-commerce doesn’t function like a well-oiled machine, you will lose sales.

The site must be secure and communicate that it is secure, giving customers a comfort level that enables them to buy. If you have a lot of products, the site must have a good search function. NDIC offers a third-party natural language search engine that has been proven to increase conversions by up to 30% for sites where product search is an essential part of customers finding what they are looking for. We also offer a solution for recapturing sales lost when a customer “abandons” their order. This means that they got part way through an order, but for some reason, didn’t complete it. Research shows that 35-70% of orders are abandoned before the sale is completed. There are many reasons for this, but with our re-marketing solution, you can recapture up to 50% of abandoned orders.

Beyond customer sales, there are additional factors that need to be addressed on the operations side. All of NDIC’s e-commerce solutions enable you to be PCI compliant, the industry security standard required of all merchants who transact business with credit cards online. If you are not PCI compliant and customer card numbers are lost or stolen, you could be liable for up to $30 per stolen card number (up to $500,000)!

Your e-commerce site should also be efficient. If your sales are going to grow, you will need ways to integrate those sales into an in-house accounting system, CRM, or ERP application for efficiency, scalability, and to eliminate the user-input error.

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