Email Setup Instructions

Mac Email Setup

  1. Once you’ve opened Mail, click on the menu labeled “Mail,” and select “Preferences.”

  2. Make sure you have the Accounts Icon selected. You’re presented with a window which contains three tabs, “Account Information”, “Special Mailboxes,” and “Advanced.” First, let’s look at the “Account Information” tab.

    The Account type was determined when you set up the account. You cannot change it unless you delete this account and create a new one. The account type is POP .

    Description can be whatever you like, but it is recommended that you use something descriptive.

    Email Address should be your email address .

    Full Name can be your name, or whatever text you’d like to be seen as your name when you send email.

    Incoming Mail Server should be

    User Name” should be your email

    Enter the password that you were provided.

  3. Click on outgoing server settings

    You can edit the Outgoing Mail Server by pressing the “Server Settings” button.

    The Outgoing Mail Server should be

    The “Server port” should be 2525

    Set Authentication to password .

    Enter your email address for the username, and your password for the password