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Free WordPress themes are hugely sought-after, now that 1 in 3 websites today are created in WordPress. WordPress is widely considered the number one Content Management System (CMS), mainly for being amazingly user-friendly, highly customizable, open source, and having a plug-in directory comparable to the App Store. But one of the best things about WordPress is that you don’t have to build your website from scratch; you can install a theme, then customize it to your liking, add some content and, voilà, you have a website! There are thousands of both free and premium WordPress themes readily available on the internet, but the trick is finding the best ones. The good news is that I’ve done that for you!First of all, you need to consider what you want your website to look like. What elements you want it to have? How you want it to feel? What colors do you prefer? How important is small business SEO to you? Once you have an idea of your ideal website, you can begin your theme search. You may get lucky and find a free WordPress theme matching what you want, but in many cases, you’ll want a premium, or purchased, theme. Why, you ask? We’ll cover this in another post. Meantime, here are some of the best sites to find good themes:

1. WordPress Themes Directory Number one on the list is the official Free WordPress Themes Directory on It’s number one because if you can find a free theme here that you like, you’re set! No costs, no scouring the internet for days on end, you’re done and good to go! You can search by any keyword, or you can use their tag search filter, which allows you to select tag checkboxes and find themes matching any or all of your chosen tags. The official WordPress themes directory is a great resource for finding themes; they have almost 2,000 to choose from, they’re all open source, have easy download options, customer ratings and reviews, and have individual support forums for almost every theme. If you can find a fitting theme for you here, more power to you!

2. ElegantThemes Second on the list is ElegantThemes, which has a soaring reputation for having the best premium WordPress themes for the best prices out there. For $39 a year you get access to all of their themes, theme updates, technical support, etc. They offer theme categories such as Business, Portfolio, eCommerce, Multimedia, etc. ElegantThemes is known for having 5 star ratings in all 3 aspects of graphics, functionality and coding, offering excellent quality, professionally-designed, highly-customizable themes, many of which are Responsive (mobile-friendly) with extensive cross-browser compatibility, as well as offering top-notch tech support. Best of all, they offer a full money-back guarantee!

3. WooThemes Number three on the list is WooThemes, which is a catalog of mostly premium WordPress themes. All of the WooThemes WordPress themes are ultra-high quality and super easy to customize. What makes these themes special is the WooFramework that powers all of the themes, allowing for super-simple customization of your entire website without having to use any coding. Each theme has unique features, and offers downloadable extensions. WooThemes also has excellent customer support. The package deals you can choose from are the Standard Package for $70 which includes 3 themes of your choice, regular theme updates and unlimited domain usage, or the Developer Package for $150 which includes 4 themes of your choice, regular theme updates, unlimited domain usage and layered Photoshop PSD. Or you can join the WooThemes Club which is a little pricey but grants you access to all of their themes. If your budget allows for it, WooThemes is definitely worth checking out.

4. FabThemes Fourth on the list is FabThemes, which is a quality collection of completely free WordPress themes. This website is on the list because it’s not someone’s blog consisting of free WordPress themes from all over the internet that they liked, but an actual company that creates their own WordPress themes and gives them away free! Many free WordPress themes out there contain bad code, and FabThemes promises all themes are clean and transparent with no junk code. Each theme also has an options panel for easy modification in the backend, which many free themes do not provide. The only downside is they do not provide specialized search options, you can only browse through the collection.

So now that you know where to go, the fun part begins! It’s time to test out different themes, see how they look on your website, and choose your favorite! Whether you download a free theme or a premium theme is entirely up to you and your budget, there’s no right or wrong way to go. Being a small business owner can be overwhelming, so make things easier for yourself by finding the shortcuts, and most of all, having fun with it!


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