Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential part of marketing your product or service on the Internet. NDIC offers do-it-yourself and full-service solutions. Our do-it-yourself solution was one of the first systems of its kind and offers among the best delivery rates in the industry. Our full-service solution includes design, copywriting, hosting, delivery and management of your email marketing campaign. Our expertise and professionalism are why Alexandria Brown, The Ezine Queen, used our services for over 6 years.

To effectively market your company via email, you need to build your email list and then you need to consistently and professionally market to that list. Building your list can be a challenging proposition. Few people, even existing customers, will simply sign-up for your email marketing list. In order to grow the list, you need to demonstrate you have something of value to offer them.

Once you've begun to develop your email marketing list, you need to provide valuable, relevant content to it on a regular basis. If you just promote your products or services through your list and do nothing more to provide value, your subscriber base will quickly shrink.

If you would like assistance building your list and better marketing to it, email us or give us a call at (805) 962-8565 x2.