For those customers who utilize WordPress, we also offer a specialized WordPress environment.

While WordPress has rapidly become the number one content management system (CMS) in the world for it’s power, ease-of-use and widely available plugins, there are problems with it.

  1. Out of the box, it is vulnerable to being hacked and in fact hacking of WordPress sites is on the rise.
  2. One of it’s benefits – the large number of 3rd party plugins, is also a drawback as these plugins can make the site even less secure and/or cause the site to load more slowly.
  3. As a result of the above, WordPress and plugins are constantly being updated, creating a burden on site owners to upgrade frequently. Updates are good, but they can result in new problems being introduced, such as the site crashing or elements on the page disappearing or moving.

NDIC addresses these deficiencies by providing a security hardened version of WordPress that utilizes a pre-selected set of plugins that have been thoroughly tested to provide the best mix of functionality, reliability and security. We handle keeping WordPress and plugins up-to-date for all of our clients and test updates on a backup of each site to make sure they don’t cause any problems prior to updating the live site. We also clean any hacks or infections at no charge when you host with us.

NDIC’s hosting starts at $30 per month, which is more than what you would pay at generic hosting companies like Godaddy or Mediatemple, however our service goes well beyond the offerings of these other companies in terms of the security, constant updates and hand-selected premium plugins.