Email Setup Instructions

Iphone Email Setup


1. Click on the “settings” icon in your iPhone and click on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”


2. Click on Add Account


3. Cick on “Other” at the bottom of the list.


4. Click on “Add Mail Account”


Below are screenshots of the iPhone screens which display during email setup after clicking “Add Mail Account” from the screenshot above. Follow the screenshots below exactly as they are displayed. The server name for incoming AND outgoing will ALWAYS be:

The outgoing mail server PORT will ALWAYS be 2525. If it is not set to port 2525 for the outgoing mail server, sending mail will NOT work.

Authentication for incoming and outgoing mail servers MUST be set to PASSWORD. If it is not set to PASSWORD, sending or receiving will probably NOT work.

In any area where it asks for your username or email address, enter your ENTIRE email address. If you only enter the prefix for your username or anything other than the email address for the account being set up, email on your iPhone will NOT work.



6. When you click “Save”, it will begin searching for the server and display the message “Cannot connect using SSL Connection” followed by “Do you want to try setting up the account without SSL”. Click “Yes“. It may take more than one attempt when clicking the “yes” button. It will eventually connect.








The instructions must be followed with the settings EXACTLY as they are displayed above. If you have entered all of the settings and email doesn’t work, double check each screen again to be sure you entered everything correctly.