Custom Designed WordPress Theme versus an Off-the-shelf Theme

Posted by Masen

The graphic design, or look and feel, is the first impression every visitor gets from a website. It’s a critical component in establishing credibility and inspiring people to stick around. Poorly or generically designed websites have higher bounce rates than professionally designed ones. (more…)

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Selecting a Good WordPress Hosting Company

Posted by Masen

If you are developing a new site in WordPress, it may make sense to select a hosting company that has specific experience with WordPress. Since WordPress will be powering your entire site, it’s important to have a hosting company that understands its unique requirements. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting a WordPress hosting company. (more…)

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Backup Your WordPress Site

Posted by Chloe Spencer

There are a handful of quality WordPress backup plugins to choose from in the WordPress Plugin Directory, but there's a few things you need to consider when choosing a backup plugin. Do you have room on your computer hard drive to store backups? Would storing your backups via an online service be preferable? Do you want to simplify backing up your site with the ability to schedule automatic backups? Is top-notch security or perhaps one-click restoration important to you? Read on to find out which WordPress backup plugins are best for you and your needs. (more…)

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The 7 Deadly Small Business Mistakes

Posted by Chloe Spencer

Starting a small business is a big and daunting task. Small business owners often make common mistakes, especially in the beginning. As a result, startup after startup goes up in flames. Many of them were great ideas but they were never able to prosper because they were cut short by preventable pitfalls. Read on to find out the top small business mistakes and how you can avoid them.


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