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Santa Barbara SEO – SEO Experts at NDIC Help Your Business get more customers

If you have a business in Santa Barbara, SEO services are readily available. Given that you have options in who you choose, you’ll want to make an informed choice. Of course you want a company that will produce results at a reasonable price. But you should also consider these other factors:

  • The company should educate you. While you may not want to become an expert yourself, you should understand the basic process so you can better work with and manage them.
  • They should focus on more than just driving traffic to your site. They should focus on what kind of traffic they are going to drive and also what happens with those visitors when they get there. In other words, does the traffic convert to prospects?
  • Good SEO consultants will want to understand your business, where and how you make money and what your sales process is.
  • They should set realistic expectations. Be wary of companies that promise instant results or #1 rankings. Depending on your industry (different industries are more competitive than others), it can take time to begin to see results.

Search engine rankings hold a special level of importance when it comes to pulling in customers who have never heard about your business. When someone is looking for your product or service, these days they will go to one of two places. One, they will go to a search engine and type in a keyword that describes your product or service (no one uses the yellow pages anymore). Or two, they will ask a friend or the online equivalent of that (social networks). You need to come up in the search engines on the first page or second page or people just won’t find your business.

How can the Santa Barbara SEO experts at NDIC help you develop an effective strategy? We bring years of experience to the table. We have been providing online marketing consulting for over 17 years! We’ve tried various strategies and found out what works and what doesn’t. We can prevent you from making mistakes and wasting money.

We can also provide other, related services. We are experts in website design and optimization for conversions. What good does it do to send a lot of traffic to your website if it falls through the cracks of a poorly designed site? We also offer social networking, email marketing and pay-per-click consulting and services.

As Santa Barbara’s leading SEO experts we will help you grow your business. Give us a call at 805-962-8565.

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