10 Best WordPress Plugins

Posted by Chloe Spencer

WordPress plugins. There are thousands of them, ranging from one star to five star, brand new or tried and true, and a waste of time to absolutely necessary. So where do you start? Which are the best WordPress plugins? The WordPress Plugin Directory is like the App Store for Apple devices. So to help you out, we've put together a checklist of the 10 best WordPress plugins that are must-have additions to your WordPress site.

This plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins there is. It's a must-have if your site has a lot of content or runs a little slow. It improves your server performance, speeds up page loading time, caches all aspects of your site, and more.

Every WordPress user should have this plugin installed. It catches almost all spam comments and sends them into your "spam" folder where you can moderate them if you wish otherwise configure the settings to auto-delete after a period of time or whatever you like. It saves a ton of time moderating comments and is highly accurate.

Backing up your site is a must, and it's best not to rely solely on your host's backups if they include them with your subscription. This backup plugin backs up your entire website including files as often as you set it to and stores it in a secure online database for free. Unlike many other backup plugins, this plugin encrypts your data to keep it protected at all times. You also have the option to download the backup onto your computer or email it to yourself.

More and more internet navigation is being performed on mobile devices, and if your site isn't mobile friendly, you can kiss goodbye to a big percentage of your viewers. WPtouch is the most popular plugin for creating an application-like mobile site for your WordPress website. It's highly customizable, easy to use, doesn't require modification of any code and won't affect your desktop site.

This plugin is the best all-in-one SEO plugin out there, offering configuration of aspects of your WordPress site that WordPress itself doesn't to improve your SEO. It even includes XML Sitemap creation, which is hugely important for your Google rankings.

Title tags are one of the most important factors in on-page SEO. This plugin makes configuring your title tags a piece of cake, and help boost your Google rankings.

Digg Digg is known as the best social sharing plugin for WordPress, mostly because it is constantly being updated with new features being added all the time. With this plugin you can create and customize social media buttons to either appear in a floating bar or above or below your content. The ability for a user to share your content via social media is must-have for any site to increase visibility, traffic, rankings and status.

This plugin allows you to configure how many post revisions get permanently stored on your database. Without this option, countless numbers of pointless revisions remain in storage, slowing down your site and decreasing usability, which makes this plugin a must-have.

This plugin sends a customizable "thank you" email to all first-time visitors who leave a comment, prompting them to engage with your site further however you want it to. It increases your number of returning visitors, and is a good way to interact with your viewers.

Ever wished you could specify which widgets show up on which pages instead of having a static sidebar for every page on your site? Well this plugin solves that problem. Configure a separate widget sidebar for your front page, certain posts, categories, etc.

There are many more great plug-ins out there that didn't make the list but we hope the above list will get you off to a good start with the basics!


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