The SEO Secret Weapon: Title Tags

Posted by Chloe Spencer

Title tags are the most important factor in on-page SEO, after overall webpage content. Many people don't know this, and they don't know how to edit their title tags even if they wanted to. For those who don't know what a title tag is, it is the line of characters, usually words, displayed at the very top of a browser window above the URL, while viewing a webpage. For example, on the homepage of Nike you can see that the title tag is "Nike - Home". This is actually a very poor title tag--it contains no keywords, except for their company name, and the word "home" which does nothing for the page's Google rankings. When Google bots are scouring a webpage for keywords to rank it under, the title tag, followed by the page's heading and first paragraph, is the most influential location for keywords. And commonly the title tag of a webpage is shown as the search engine result description where it appears. So the next question is, what makes a great title tag? And most importantly, how do you change your title tags? (more…)

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